Should we miss the last bus?

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The state of Kerala is passing through an unprecedented Financial crisis, for the last few years. This has been worsened by the Corona spread. Our economy is primarily based on two sources of revenue, viz.  Liquor and lottery sales. But this is just sufficient to meet the salary and pension expenditure. The running of the Government is more or less dependent on the various loans taken at an exorbitant interest rate. Even though we received around 65,000 crores through NRI remittance, last year, we could not make any opportunity for pragmatic and income generating investments.

Agriculture and traditional industries like coir, cashew, textiles etc. have all become unviable due to high land price and labour cost. The single prominent factor for our poor industrial and agricultural growth has been the presence and agitations by the Communists parties. No wonder, communism has vanished or has been discarded by all countries throughout the world, as none of them have developed, in any way.

Coming to India, west Bengal which was ruled by CPI (M) for long 33 years, is an excellent example as to how a State will perish under the Communist rule. Now all the able-bodied men and women from there, are roaming throughout India for their livelihood and to feed one meal a day to their kith and kin, at home.

In Kerala, while the Communist leaders talk loudly for development, and conducts periodic Investor meets under various names, their party men and trade Unions will see to it that no industry or agricultural activity sustains in Kerala. Thus, we have given up agriculture, industry, and every other activity except drinking and lottery which bring income to the exchequer and misery to the public. This is indeed a pathetic situation and at least now we must catch the last bus to development and prosperity.

Simple things that could be done are:

  1. Ban all political and trade union activities for three years in the state.
  2. Defer all the rules and regulations for starting any industry in the State for three years except registration.
  3. All taxes must be reduced by 50% to encourage people to invest in Industries and agriculture.
  4. In the tourism sector, Domestic tourism should be encouraged, and all hotel room tariff should be reduced by 50 % and the room tax should also be cut. This will encourage 100% occupancy and ensure higher income to the investor and Government.
  5. It is not the business of the Government to do business. On the contrary, it should only be a facilitator. Thus, all Public Sector Under takings should opt for Public -Private Partnership and continuously loss-making units must be closed. This will save a lot of money for the Govt, as the accumulated loss of PSUs in Kerala is a staggering Rs. 27000/- crores.
  6. The privatisation will bring professionalism in the Industries and will attract NRI investments, apart from utilising their skills.

These are some of the basic changes required to take Kerala to development and prosperity. But how far will the politicians support this suggestion is doubtful. Yet there is a golden opportunity for us…. but will we be ready to catch the last bus? This is the billion-dollar question. Let us hope for the best.