Growing up in the traditional setting of north Malabar under the guidance of an academic legacy, Dr.P.T.Nandakumar developed an innate urge for knowledge acquisition. His voracious reading habit, wide travel and academic brilliance made him a professional leader par excellence. He was an outstanding police officer, management expert and an all-rounder in every aspects of professional and personal life situations.

                    Dr.P.T.Nandakumar served over twenty seven years in the general executive branch of the Kerala Police and also as chairman  and managing director of six public sector undertakings  such as The Metropolitan Engineering Co.  Ltd, Kerala State SC/ST Federation, Matsyafed, Norka-Roots, Transformers & electrical Kerala Ltd., (TELK) and Kerala financial cooperation.

                    He is a highly decorated police officer with 85 good service entries, two meritorious entries and Police Medal from the President of India for Meritorious service in 2002 for investigation of sensational criminal cases, successful prosecution, traffic management, traffic design and enforcement. Thereafter he joined as the executive director of the KGS group of companies in Kerala.

                    Dr.P.T.Nandakumar is currently the Chairman of FUSAV Innovations and Centre for Green Technology and Management.  FUSAV is a private firm doing basic research in fuel saving technologies. The company has brought out a unique world class product – Glider – a fuel additive which if mixed with 3 ml for every liter of petrol/diesel will give 20% mileage advantage and and 30% reduction in environmental pollution. This product has been tested and certified by Indian institute of petroleum, Deharadun. The company has also developed another fuel saving device E-Booster which is being marketed globally.  For more information visit The center for green technology and management is a non-profit organization committed to the  development of environmental friendly technologies and proper management of natural resources. For more information visit